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Chronicle is Sound Horizon's 1st concept story, published on December 30, 2001 and is the first (doujin) album produced. The album is a mixture of different instrumental ballads with the use of vocal synthesizer programs. Some of these ballads would later go on to having lyrics added to them and or they would be added to other future doujin albums. To every song there is a poem featured in the booklet.


Sound tracks:

01 Sound Horizon

02 Black Chronicle

03 Shijin Ballad no Higeki - 詩人バラッドの悲劇 - The Tragedy of Ballad the Poet

04 Arbelge no Tatakai - アーベルジュの戦い - The Battle of Arbelge

05 Juhjyou no Kun ~Koote Tsuita Majou~ - 樹氷の君~凍てついた魔女~

06 Ao to Shiro no Kyoukaisen - 蒼と白の境界線 - The Borderline of Azure and White

07 Raijin no Hidariude - 雷神の左腕 - The Thunder God's Left Arm

08' 'Shoujo Ningyou - 少女人形 - The Girl Doll

09 Kimi ga Umarete Kuru Sekai - 君が生まれてくる世界 - The World You'll be Born Into

10 [Bonus Extra Track] Natsu no Shigure - 夏の時雨 - The Summer Rain