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Sound Horizon Elysion cover front

Elysion Album (Front Cover)

is the 4th Story CD of Sound Horizon officially released on April 13, 2005. The album features a few english words that could be heard from the song. However, Elysion, was based from a Greek concept, "Elysium", which is a place where heroes meet abundancy and prosperity of afterlife. Elysion stands here as a paradise, literally heaven, for all what we know. The story follows a seven year old girl named El and her father, Abyss.



01 Eru no Rakuen [Side:E] - エルの楽園 [Side: E] - El's Paradise [Side:E]

  • Main Vocal: Aramary (El)
  • Seiyuu: JIMANG (Abyss)

02 Ark

03 Eru no Ehon [Majo to Rafurentse] - エルの絵本 [魔女とラフレンツェ] - El's Picture Book [The Witch and Lafrenze]

04 Baroque

05 Eru no Shōzō - エルの肖像 - El's Portrait

06 Yield

07 Eru no Tenbin - エルの天秤 - El's Scale

08 Sacrifice

09 Eru no Ehon [Fuebuki Otoko to Parade] - エルの絵本[笛吹き男とパレード] - El's Picture Book [The Pied Piper and the Parade]

10 Stardust

11 Eru no Rakuen [Side:A ] - エルの楽園[Side:A ] - El's Paradise [Side:A]

12 Bonus Track

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