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Sound Horizon

Welcome to the Sound Horizon Kingdom WikiEdit

Welcome to Sound Horizon wikia. This site provides anything about Sanhora. Feel free to add or edit pages and contribute for Sanhora's popularity throughtout the world. Let's do our best!


1/23/12- Please read the new article in the forum! We are the ones deciding our wikia's future! We must give White Crow an answer soon. Even if you don't have an account here, please answer "yea" or "nay" with your first and last initials. We are running out of time and we must have an answer! - Kita-chan 1/13/12- As of 4:25pm eastern time, Operation: S.O.W is no longer in effect. I need everyone to please go to the forum page as soon as possible. There's a issue that must be discussed with every single person who is a member of this wiki. - Kita-chan

12/2/11- As of 10:59pm eastern time, Operation: S.O.W is in effect. To see how to help, please visit the forum page.- Kita-chan

10/18/11- Please do not use fan images for character profiles. It maybe hard to find official images, but using fan-made ones might confuse visitors. - Kita-chan

8/10/11- I've added a news section on the main page (as you see here). You may add news concerning SH and additions to this wiki, but please keep general talk out of this section. If you have suggestions, please put them in the Suggestions section - Kita-chan