Thanatos is Sound Horizon's 2nd story CD and is also their second doujin album, published on August 11, 2002. Unlike the first CD, Thanatos features full vocals, but carries on the varied ballads with a darker tone. The CD is composed of 7 songs, all of which are either narrated and or sung by Aramary. This is also Aramary's debut in Sound Horizon.



01 Sound Horizon [mode:Thanatos]

02 Soko ni Aru Fuukei - そこに在る風景 - The View that Exists There

03 Kowareta Marionette - 壊れたマリオネット - The Broken Marionette

04' 'Giniro no Basha - 銀色の馬車 - The Silver Carriage

05 Rinne no Sunadokei - 輪廻の砂時計 - The Sand Clock of Reincarnation

06 Sango no Shiro - 珊瑚の城 - The Coral City

07 Thanatos no Gensou - タナトスの幻想 - Thanatos' Fantasy